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Color codes

  • 2013-08-14 15:47:38
    How do color codes used for dyes and colorMultipiler method work? Are they only used to get the usual 16 colors or can you get any one just like using RGB palette?
  • 2013-08-14 20:38:54
    I do believe they work the full RGB scale, at least the fluid colorMultipiler method takes any hex color I throw at it so I assume as much without checking the src :)
  • 2013-08-14 22:20:38
    Dyes don't use any color code at all as far as I know. It's just a bunch of different icons. Usually you can modify the color using standard RGB but it depends a bit on what you're doing exactly.
  • 2013-08-15 06:31:04
    What i mean is in ItemDye there are arrays with color names and integer values for each one. Those are also used in colorMultiplier for blocks. I wanted to know if those values are like RGB or just "hard coded" for each color. I tried modifyng them, but i've not get results i've hoped for.
  • 2013-08-15 09:35:30
    Vswe is right. the dyes don't use the colour code at all and they are just a bunch of icons. And i think its also the same for wool block.

    The arrays with integer values are the RGB colour codes in decimal(i converted them to color and confirmed it). I don't think its used much(if at all). The names aren't that important either.

    You could refer to those RGB values if you want but i would recommend you to make your own enum of colours if you want to use them a lot :)

    As for colorMultiplier, I have no idea what is it but i assume it should take in normal hex RGB colour codes.
  • 2013-08-15 10:20:50
    I've managed to get it to work after messing with java Color class. I basically wanted to make a block that can change it's color to more than 16 standard minecraft ones without changing textures.

    colorMultipiler basically apply some sort of filter to change color of rendered texture.
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