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Water Bar

  • 2013-08-31 03:34:34
    I want to add a bar like the hunger bar but for thirst and make different types of drinks my mod will add fill it up in different amounts. How do i go about starting this??
  • 2013-09-01 22:29:33
    I'd say at a guess 'Climbing the Interface Ladder' would be the lecture to go for, although I haven't got there yet myself by a long shot. I'd say register for that though.
  • 2013-09-02 01:14:43
    Thanks I'll look there when I'm ready to implement this
  • 2013-09-02 09:30:17
    It's quite tricky to add another bar there. Other mods might add bars there as well which conflicts. However, going through the Climbing the Interface Ladder course is probably a good start.
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