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4. Mod discussion

Thaumic Infusion =D

  • 2013-08-19 20:59:51
    I finally know enough to start developing my mod and it's all thanks to you VSWE. Because you dedicated your time to teaching others, I've now been able start working on the mod I've been wanting to make now, for nearly a year now. I've tried multiple times to learn both java and how to mod, yet you seem to have done all that in a short space of time =D.

    So, heres my mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1921147-forge162-thaumic-infusion-004-blocks-update

    I made sure to give credit to you and will continue to do so.

  • 2013-08-19 21:25:05
    Im wondering why Vswe is not the president of the US, i mean he is so awesome, everyone would vote for him!
  • 2013-08-19 21:25:26
    Its a metafor
  • 2013-08-19 23:58:03
    TDM: You should update the first post at the same time as you post an update post. The first post is the one people take a look at when they take a look at the mod.

    mielleman: politicians are just talking bullshit most of the time. I hope that's not how you see me. :P
  • 2013-08-20 12:40:20
    Herp a Derp. Fixed that =D
  • 2013-08-20 15:30:58
    Am I right in thinking that the item version of a block, gets it's texture by looking for the blockIcon's registered texture which is attached to that block?
  • 2013-08-20 15:33:56
    No, by default it gets its icon from the block's getIcon method.
  • 2013-08-20 15:37:26
    Hmmm, Is there anyway to set the texture of the item in the item class? I've tried the following (http://pastebin.com/KpCyFxTS) and other methods, but have not succeeded.

  • 2013-08-20 15:38:27
    Without using the registerIcons method.
  • 2013-08-20 16:17:46
    Not really, you're not defining the different sides of the block. It won't care about the item when it renders it in the inventory. The method the block is using is the getIcon(side, meta) one and if you don't like that you'll have to add your own rendering code.
  • 2013-08-20 16:22:00
    Hmmm. Well, I'll try my own rendering code for the item. Not that difficult, but the reason that I need to do this. Is that I have condensed all the blocks down to one, a structure block. This block takes the texture of the block you want to infuse aspects into, now when you place it down it works. The texture code gets the icon from the registered array of blocks, however getting the item to use the texture of the registered block and not the structure block itself is what I am striving for.
  • 2013-08-21 08:20:33
    I don't really understand what you are trying to do. are you trying to make the ItemBlock look different from actually block placed?
  • 2013-08-21 10:31:23
    No, he's trying to make the ItemBlock look the same as the block itself. But the textures for the blocks are generated depending on the data of the tile entity.
  • 2013-08-21 12:58:04
    Yep. That's exactly what I'm trying to do, I've decided to go the custom rendering code route.
  • 2013-08-23 13:40:57
    Tdm, i saw your licens, how did you get that or did you just make it up, because i know nothing of licenses
  • 2013-08-23 13:57:28
    I got it from here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/274523-to-mod-creators-copyrights/

    As a placeholder till I can be bothered to sit down and write one.
  • 2013-08-23 13:58:26
    There's loads of them, so it's a great source.
  • 2013-08-23 13:59:22
    I think the license thing is just a copyright thing copied and paste from one of the stickied thread on the forum. This seems like something you should have just pm him for :P
  • 2013-08-23 14:00:35
    oh wow, i got ninja'd :D
  • 2013-08-23 14:04:35
    What does it matter, its a mod related forum and it is a mod related question, why are you saying that, was you so enoyed by my question
  • 2013-08-23 14:27:09
    Sorry if it sounded like I'm annoyed or irritated. I don't mean it that way >.<
  • 2013-08-23 14:28:38
  • 2013-08-23 14:31:28
    Sorry for my irritated reaction, but i get irritaded quikly if someone is bugging at that kind of thing, maybe someone else was interested in his licens as well
  • 2013-09-19 07:13:26
    That mod looks so good!
  • 2013-09-21 14:06:36
    I also wanne make mods that cool for in survival, thats whyvi learned modding, but ive no mod idea, well actually a longway ago, i did had a idea xD, but someone else did it already: openperipherals
  • 2013-09-21 15:29:15
    It'll come to you. I've been planning this mod for ages, at the moment I'm redesigning it to work with the new infusion mechanic that TC4 has added.
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