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Java or C++

  • 2013-07-02 00:00:37
    In general coding with variable is java or c++ better?
  • 2013-07-02 07:21:34
    Languages are different and are therefore good at different things, I'm not sure I quite understand your question.
  • 2013-07-04 08:23:13
    it depends on what you are doing
  • 2013-07-13 17:14:32


    Coding is not better or worse with you're choice of language.
    If you asked me 4 years ago "Which language should I start with I'd say C++. Why? Well because it gives you access to everything and once you know it learning anything else will be quite easy!

    now if you asked me today I'd say Java, C# or some other high up language. Why?
    Well because I came to realize that learning ANY programming language at a decent level (aka. not just basics) and working with it for some time teaches you to think like a programmer and then learning any language is MUCH MUCH easier.

    C++ is harder and expose you to really nasty bugs, of course some will argue it's good because after that anything else will be easy to learn. Well that's true but it will take you so much longer to master C++ than to master some other languages, and once you know them you will learn C++ so much faster! So in the end it will probably be worth it to learn Java or C# first!

    The first langauge you learn is not about just learning the language, you are at the same time trying to learn to think like a programmer and THAT is the main thing to learn, therefore the language should be easier so you can focus on learning to think like a programmer, then after that you will easily be able to learn other languages!

    Sorry for the wall of text, but this question made me create an account just to answer you, because it reminded me of myself a few years ago and I felt I could give you an okay answer :)

    Anyways the most important answer is this:
    Language doesn't matter, I'd say java but it really doesn't matter, just PICK ONE and START LEARNING! Some people go for ages wanting to learn ONE but never pick one and learn ;)
  • 2013-09-13 09:16:06
    I started to learn c++ but im not sure if i shall tru Java out?
  • 2013-09-13 09:17:02
  • 2013-09-13 09:42:44
    Dpop if you want to develop minecraft mods you need to learn Java
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