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  • 2014-12-02 14:11:32
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    Teaching water safety practices and basic swimming skills is a wonderful way to prevent water accidents. For many years the YMCA of Collier County has contributed to the prevention efforts with a free program called "Splash Week." Held during the spring school vacation, the course focuses on safety in and around water. This past year six hundred young children participated in the program, consisting of five 30 minute classes.

    "For example, there is a member of our city staff that was married to a same sex person in another state and they wanted benefits for their domestic partner," Galea said. "When they approached the city with the request for benefits, we followed state law that stated that same sex marriages from outside the state were recognized in our state and we provided those benefits."Galea said if dialogue about the topic is to begin, it needs to start soon and through all political parties in Otero County. "I think it is a conversation that we've not yet had here in our city and our county," Galea said.
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    Nearly one third of Saudi Arabia's population consists of immigrants, while between 2000 and 2013 the number of immigrants rose by an annual average of 4.2% per year, higher than most other nations. Between 2010 and 2013 alone, the number of immigrants to Saudi Arabia rose 24.3% As of 2011, the Saudi Arabian government regarded the overall level of legal immigration as too high and implemented policies to reduce immigration, according to the UN had. Similarly, the government's policies on the naturalization of immigrants were also considered restrictive.
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    Many critics dismiss the issue of gender and ICT in developing countries because of the more pressing needs that women in developing countries have for safe water, adequate food, improved health, better education, owning land, etc. It is crucial to begin thinking outside of the 'either or' mentality because ICTs are not, in any way, in opposition to fulfilling women's basic needs. On the contrary, ICTs will go a very long way in reducing the stark isolation that women face when these basic needs remain unmet or inadequately addressed..
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