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  • 2014-12-05 22:27:01
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    A 1st class position in a pocket recognized for its parkland appeal, this captivating 1940's home also boasts easy access to Hartwell Sportsground, Burwood Res, bus, train, tram and excellent schools. Close to Chadstone, Camberwell Junction, Monash Freeway and bike tracks. Auto gates and secure fencing guarantee safety and privacy for young families whilst the huge rear garden offers ample level space to extend, put in a pool or eventually redevelop (STCA).

    The early Christians were quite novel for their time since they were neither Jewish nor Pagan. While the Nazarenes (if indeed that is what they called themselves) accepted the one god concept, Jesus was revered as being a manifestation of godliness as even he called himself the Son of Man and made no claims of being a God on earth. He did say, father and I are one but this obviously referred to the of all things something sages and other wise and holy persons had been teaching for centuries if not millenniums.
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    Why have we not evolved into better decision makers after so many eons of clearly ghastly decisions? Because we have yet to gain mastery over our primal urges or our unconscious needs and insecurities, both the primary drivers of poor decisions. All of these forces conspire to prevent us from gathering sufficient information, analyzing it effectively, and using it exclusively to come to "rational" decisions (I doubt Mr. Spock ever sent inappropriate photos through his communicator)..

    Murdock swapped pineapples for reclusive tourists, opening the Lodge at Koele in 1990 and the Manele Bay Hotel a year later. The capital outlays, much of it for island infrastructure, were staggering. The cost of operation remains steep in so isolated a locale.
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    Imagine arriving at work for your regular shift, but while there, events happen to ratchet up the pressure to get the job done. The work gets even harder and you have to stay for hours past your scheduled leaving time. By the time it over, you worked the equivalent of more than two full shifts, and as each second ticks by, you expected to perform better and better and not make any mental mistakes..

    Today's idea accurately describes you as God created you. You are one within yourself, and one with Him. Yours is the unity of all creation. In 1947, after the death of their father, John (16) and Steve (10) were faced with running the family farm. In 1952, recognizing the limitations of only doing business in his small local community, John set out for New York City with $50 in his pocket searching for customers to purchase the hay and straw he and Steve were producing in Amsterdam, NY. After two days of calling on police departments, riding stables, milk and ice delivery companies, stables and the zoo, John returned home with the order.
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