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Coding a Power Network

  • 2014-02-09 10:19:03
    I was wondering you planned on using this in future courses. However, I am not sure if you mention it later on in the lectures Vswe, so I apologize for my overzealous suggestion and question. It is just something that I would like to implement into my mod I am planning, and I would like a geo on the subject. Thank you Vswe and forum staff and Coding Students :-)

  • 2014-02-11 13:30:11
    Modding is about using your knowledge about the basics to implement your ideas, it's not about me showing you how to do every single thing. When you have gone through all the courses you should be able to implement a power network, I never go through how to do it though.
  • 2014-02-12 04:05:51
    Okay I understand that :) Just a thought, however from what I have been getting from all the post I have been going through. Just about everything I have seen in mods such as Steve's Carts 2, Thaumcraft, Thermal Expansion, can be achieved by compounding the basics in, "cleaver ways" as it was told me. This excites me and scares me at the same time haha.
  • 2014-02-13 03:50:18
    Vswe, does that mean you probably won't have any new lessons in the foreseeable future? Or are there still other things you're going to cover?
  • 2014-02-13 16:08:15
    Well he is currently working on some new mod based things as he has been showing on Twitter and YouTube. I do not think he will not make any other courses, however, he is a student and has a life outside this, and he seemed to have covered most of the basics from what I can understand. He will probably make more things, just will take some time :-)
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