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Coding and a cup of Java

An introduction course to programming

program to code?

  • 2013-10-27 18:27:46
    In the videos; the guy uses a program to write codes, I want to know which program uses that man
  • 2013-10-27 18:34:20
    and where to download it
  • 2013-10-27 19:14:07
    He uses DrJava. You can find at http://www.drjava.org/
  • 2013-10-28 09:45:00
    How to set it all up is explained in the very beginning of the first video.
  • 2013-10-31 06:15:42
    Some other ones are Eclipse (eclipse.org), NetBeans (netbeans.org)and IntelliJ IDEA (jetbrains.com/idea). I have used the first two and they are very good.
  • 2013-11-03 04:52:20
    well, the problem; I don't understand good the english speaked, because i'm from Mexico, I can read and write very good the english but when I hear it, I don't understand so much, thanks
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