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Forging a Minecraft mod

Basic Minecraft modding with Minecraft Forge

assingment stop entity

  • 2013-08-11 19:17:18
    i have been working on the assignment but i got kinda stuck. i just can't figure out how to make the entity fly 10 blocks and die. i have been trying many things. which method should i call and how do i deter men he has flew 10 blocks. thanks in advance
  • 2013-08-11 23:22:08
    I don't want to spoil this for you as it is an assignment, but you may want to create a field to store the initial y co-ordinate
  • 2013-08-12 09:12:02
    ah. so like getting its initial y at spawn and after every movement check if its 10 blocks higher. thanks
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