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Forging a Minecraft mod

Basic Minecraft modding with Minecraft Forge

problem with eclipse mcp workspace

  • 2013-07-09 16:52:37
    im having an error with my workspace where it wont load the correct things the scr folders are empty the pictures in the links below should explain better i have no clue what to do please help :) thanks

  • 2013-07-09 17:35:46
    You're not installing it with forge?
  • 2013-07-09 17:54:43
    im sure i did but i will re-install ill tell you if it works
  • 2013-07-09 18:48:46
    no i had the same problem and im 100% i installed with forge
  • 2013-07-09 18:51:28
    incase you wanted to know:

    minecraft forge 786
  • 2013-07-09 23:06:58
    Are you sure it installed properly? Did it say that something went wrong?
  • 2013-07-10 08:17:22
    it didnt say anything about it going wrong and has the install changed in 1.6 because i did it the same as when i tryed 1.5.2
  • 2013-07-10 09:56:27
    sorted it no worry's just updated my forge and it worked :)
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